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Choosing the Correct Caulk
It is an extremely important preparatory step to use a good caulk to fill in cracks when painting, especially in exterior painting. Cracks allow bugs, molds and water to seep in causing water damage to the paint, as well as the walls. (read more)

Choosing the Right Paint
Choosing the right paint is very important. You don't want to invest a lot of time and money into a project just to find you did it wrong and have to do it all over again. (read more)

Choosing Paint Colors
Choosing the right color for your painting project can seem intimidating at first. With thousands of colors, dozens of manufacturers, and several types of sheens to choose from, the number of combinations available may seem endless. (read more)

Choosing the Right Primer
Priming is a very important step in the painting process, because it provides the foundation for the finished paint job. If paint, no matter how expensive or high-quality, is applied to a poor surface, the finish will come out terrible and start to peel and flake in no time. (read more)

Choosing the Right Wood Stain
Wood stains are used to bring out the natural splendor of any type of wood. However, there isn't simply one kind of stain that will work for all types of wood. Each type of wood has a particular stain that is just right for it. (read more)