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Wood Painting and Refinishing Articles

Wood Refinishing
Refinishing wood surfaces allows you to really bring out the natural lost beauty of old wood in your home. All of these refinishing techniques can be done on all wood surfaces. But with all the various products available, how do you know what to use? (read more)

Choosing the Right Wood Stain
Wood stains are used to bring out the natural splendor of any type of wood. However, there isn't simply one kind of stain that will work for all types of wood. Each type of wood has a particular stain that is just right for it. (read more)

Deck Refinishing
It is a common thought that wooden decks add beauty and comfort to a home. However, they do need to be refinished from time to time to maintain that beauty. It is best to maintain your wooden deck every few years (1-3 years). (read more)

Cabinet Refinishing
Give new life to your cabinets with cabinet refinishing. Create new style and flair while saving money at the same time. It is quite expensive to replace cabinets, but you can change the look of your current cabinets and go easy on your wallet by simply giving them a little "face-lift". (read more)

Painting Wood Paneling
Wooden paneling, a fad of the sixties and seventies, has certainly declined in popularity. Originally put up instead of drywall, it is completely outdated. Wooden paneling is not the easiest to replace, and it can get a little pricey to replace the paneling with drywall. (read more)